Case Study: Patrick Staehler Business Model

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1. Introduction

1.1 Skinnydip London Background
Started in 2010 by Lewis Blitz and the Gold brothers James and Richard, Skinnydip was there to challenge the dull and boring black, white and grey accessories that were the booming in the market. The trio wanted to brighten up the streets of London with their wide range of fashion forward headphones as well as iPhone, eBook and iPad cases.
Skinnydip was a home run business for the first 6 month of it’s existance, thereafter the Skinnydip studio was set up in order to bring brightness to the streets and to begin on the road to satifsying the trio’s vision of merging fashion trends and technology accessories.
The Skinnydip team appeared on Dragons Den in 2012 whereby 3 out of the 4 Dragons offered
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It was the Culture / Values section that really gripped people as it was believed that if a company changes even one of the aspects in this sector, changes to the entire business model will need to be done. Therefore making the Patrick Staehler business model a source for competive advantage, which in the eBusiness world today is an advantage that is greatly welcomed, and leaves a company using the model to its full capabilities a very powerful one. (Tim Kastelle, 2012)
I chose the Patrick Staehler business model as I believe every little secton of the model can be related to the way Skinnydip London is doing business as with every sub-category in the business model a relation can be made to a part or structure of Skinnydip London.
In my final research assignment I plan on looking at every category and sub-category found in the model and see how exactly the model can relate to the way Blitz and the Gold brothers have structured their business and the ways they see how everything will relate to one another and how by changing one part of the Skinnydip business archtecture re-design may have to be done on the entire way that business is being done in the Skinnydip London
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Proposed structure for Final Research Assignment
The following structure below is my proposed structure for my final research assignement, whereby I will take a much deeper look into Patrick Staehler’s business model and how I see Skinnydip London as a business fitting into this model. I will also investigate trends within the technological and economical space at the time and how they may benefit or threaten Skinnydip London as a business, finally I will propose a new e-Business Architecture that I believe will benefit Skinnydip London as a

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