Case Study Of Starbucks Customer Appeal

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Starbucks’ Customer Appeal
1) What can any retailer learn from this case?

Starbucks provides customers with a personalized service strategy that allows them to keep their customers. The personalized service provided by Starbucks includes flexible changes of orders, personal greetings and memory customers ' favorite orders. Customer intimacy and humanization are key factors to ensure customer attractiveness. The Starbucks case study shows the importance of paying attention to customer needs. The company has built an image that appeals to a broader segment of the market, with the idea of "leveraging the need to interact with people from the workplace or home." The Starbucks experience can create a unique service experience for other retailers with customer-oriented marketing strategies. In addition, retailers should ensure that they fully understand the target market segmentation and distinguish the strategic importance of their products, so that not only in the traditional market and succeed in the global market positioning.

2) Based on the information in this case at Starbucks’ web site (, describe the market segment(s) to which the firm appeals. What attracts the segments to Starbucks?

According to Starbucks ' website, its products are designed for people who want a caffeine stimulant or who want to take a break from work or daily rest. Companies are largely focused on mature adult age groups. The group formed half of its business, ranging from 25 to

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