Case Study Of Sugarbun

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1.0 Introduction
The name of the business that we investigate is Sugarbun. This business provides the consumer the fast food and delivery services. The food provided are vary from sandwiches to broasted chicken to Eastern Cuisine such as nasi lemak classic, sambal eco fish, chicken curry and else and also varieties of beverages.
SugarBun is the first Malaysian homegrown fast food restaurant to internationally. Sugarbun was established in 1979, from a humble ice cream parlour into an innovative food and beverage franchise restaurant brand. A fast food restaurant was added with SB Chick-en as its hero product in 1981. With monumental presence in Sarawak, even in rural towns such as Mukah, Kapit and Saratok, Sugarbun has moved into international markets success-fully such as Brunei Darussalam, Bangladesh, Australia and Indonesia. SugarBun has evolved into a diversified and franchising group with more than 50 restaurants spread across Malaysia. Sugar Bun’s exacting standards has earned it the coveted MS ISO 9002 award for 'Quality Excellence in Preparation and Sale of Food ' by the Standard & Indus-trial Research Institution of Malaysia (SIRIM).
In Malaysia, two Sugarland Franchise Lesen (AFL) were awarded both in Johor Bahru and Sabah respectively. With AFL being invited to the state of Johor Bahru, we ex-pect it to be a golden opportunity for SugarBun 's franchise business to penetrate quickly into other states in West Malaysia. The influx of SugarBun to the Johor market was

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