Case Study Of Teff

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Summary Teff, a small grain, with origins in Ethiopia, is the main ingredient for injera and the staple food representing majority of the diet for the people in Ethiopia. Furthermore, teff is the most grown cereal, accounting for more than half the country’s grain production. For centuries, the Ethiopian communities have depended on cultivating teff grain, and eventually could not meet demand of the people who rely on the grain. With hopes of enhancing their teff genetic resources and benefit thereof, Ethiopia kindly welcomed the support from a Dutch company in 1997. First off, breeding of teff began in Ethiopia in the 1950’s in order to increase yields and improve current varieties. As research continued, parties from outside of Ethiopia became interested in the potential of teff. This includes an American, Wayne Carlson, who went to Ethiopia in the 1970’s and then brought teff back to the United States to continue research. He further developed his own variety of teff and is currently the leading company producing teff and teff products in the United States.…show more content…
This partnership was viewed positively, as the joint research could bring outside resources to help benefit Ethiopia for further teff development. The relation eventually led to agreements between the Debre Zeit Agricultural Research Center (DARC) and an interested party in the

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