Case Study Of Teresa Carleo

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Planting the seeds of structure case study is about Teresa Carleo and her business called Plant Fantasies. This case study introduces Teresa Carleo as a person who left her corporate job because of her boss, who did not even consider her for promotion and instead appointed outside person for that job. This incident cause Teresa Carleo to leave her corporate job and make her to start her own business and as the result the Plant Fantasies founded. Starting a new business was challenging for Teresa because she had to make decisions about a lot of things. One of the decision she had to make was selecting which business to start, her choices was cooking and gardening and she selected gardening. She started her business from her own apartment then it grew into a large company as the result of Teresa Carleo’s hard work and determination. This case study also shows the dedication of Teresa Carleo towards her company which drives her do every jobs in the Plant Fantasies as like she wants and now she wants her team to take care the Plant Fantasies as the way she would take care it. Type A and B Personality Profiles According Zimmerman (2014) Type A personality includes extremely competitive, very devoted to work, and a strong sense of time. All these behaviors have seen in Teresa Carleo, as in the beginning of the case itself was mentioning that she worked really hard for her pervious corporate job and later when she started the Plant Fantasies, she was doing all the activities like

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