Case Study Of The Business Structure Of Fujifilm Holding

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LEGAL ASPECTS BUSINESS STRUCTURE Fujifilm Holding is a franchising based business company which run various type of business. The Fujifilm as a holding company with one subsidiary to own its brand name and trademarks, its real estate, own its equipment and others to operate each franchise. This way, each subsidiary as well as the holding company itself has limited financial and legal liability. Structuring a company this way can also limit tax liability by strategically basing certain parts of the business in jurisdictions with lower tax rates. The shareholder and investor will play a vital role in the Fujifilm holding business structure and development of the franchising performance of their each franchisee retail store all over the world. • The business structure of Fujifilm Holding is biggest structure which divided to many parts to organize their business transactions. At Fujifilm we seek to maximize synergies with other members of the Fujifilm group and utilize our people and other resources efficiently to achieve healthy growth. We have a lean and robust management structure that is integrated with Fujifilm Holdings. Fujifilm business structure is capacious and also the holdings have companies of interrelations which is : 1) Fujifilm Cooperation • FUJIFILM Corporation and its group companies develop, produce and market products in the Imaging Solutions business (colour films, digital cameras, photofinishing equipment and colour paper, chemicals and services for

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