Case Study Of Theobroma

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1.0 INTRODUCTION Theobroma is a dicotyledonous plant. It also known as cocoa tree. Malaysia is one of country that has commercial planting and grinding industry. Cocoa tree also known as cash crop and one of the commodities on this country. In past decade, Malaysia has large area that planting cocoa as one of important commodity. But, the numbers is decreasing due to decreasing cocoa price and out of the blue other crop price is rising. So, the government decides to replace area that plant cocoa with other commodities like oil palm and rubber. Due this phenomenon, the producing yield is decline as well as decreasing area of cocoa planting. Another factor that effecting the declining cocoa production Malaysia is pest and disease that attack cocoa tree. The major insect pest that attack cocoa tree is cocoa pod borer, brown cocoa mired and other major insect pest on cocoa area. At Malaysia recently state that cocoa mealy bug did not give significant damage to cocoa. But, the fact is, if the population of mealy bug we did not control, this number will exceed economic loss and it will face a greater loss in term of monetary. 2.0 LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 BACKGROUND OF RESEARCH Cataenococcus hispidus is one of insect pest that others will look them like nothing happen with their presence at cocoa area. But the fact that expert in cocoa field know that, this insect will give big impact to cocoa field if not take serious action to overcome their behavioral. Yes, cocoa mealy bug

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