Case Study Of Tim Hortons

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The Tim Hortons chain was established in 1964, Canada by Canadian hockey player Tim Horton. It is one of the most growing chains that focus on top quality, always fresh coffee, baked goods and home style lunches that have value, great service and community leadership. The first Tim Hortons restaurants offered only two products - coffee and donuts which remain two of the most popular today. The menu grew with as the consumer’s taste grew. They’re famous for timbits (bite sized donuts).
The study was conducted to see whether to pursue the opportunity if introducing Tim Horton’s coffee and bake shop to act effectively in the Lebanese market. The study was limited to the perceptions of coffee shop attendees in Canada through an in- depth interview, selected by Judgment sampling . However, the Lebanese coffee shop attendees selected through stratified disproportionate sampling filled a questionnaire. One of the main conclusions drawn from the study was that Tim Hortons coffee and bake shop will be a successful introduction to the Lebanese market segment. The purpose of this study was to determine whether to introduce a cheap, always fresh Canadian coffee bake shop franchise under the name of “Tim Horton’s”.
The objective of the study is to Seek the help of the Canadian market segment for better understanding of the aspects of “Tim Horton’s "Study the attitude and behavior of coffee shop attendees in Lebanon Deduce their perception toward certain aspects of coffee shops, and to
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