Case Study Of Toli Pars Company

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Executive Summary The Toli Pars company is one of the leading producers of cleaning and washing products in Iran. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious companies that has been operating in Iran for nearly a century. They have gained great relations with suppliers over the years and sell their products to more than 28 countries worldwide. During the political instabilities that Iran has been facing in the last century and economic crisis that effected Iran from international crisis to national economic crisis the company struggled to maintain its position in the market. They first held the monopoly of sales nationally for nearly fifty years but after the merge of other rivals in the market the company struggled to compete with new comers and international brands, that is why they tried to focus on getting accreditations from European brands and gaining back their lost position in the market. Yet having to struggle with importation prices that would vary with political situations made the company struggle a lot throughout their manufacturing life time. It is without any doubt that there are three important pillars of beauty, health and hygiene in one’s life, and Toli Pars Company focuses on enhancing and creating a strong cleaning and hygiene brand which focuses on high quality goods, variety of goods, attractive packaging and accessible distribution by taking help of their skilled employees and strong supply systems to provide the consumers and buyers with the best

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