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1 June 2017 Madelein Basson 16PBJ01 DMA2303 Introduction Tresemme is all about hair products, making a salon quality available for you at the comfort of your own home. A company that gained the trust of many consumers, committed customers supporting the brand. When a brand as big as Tresemme wants to further expand the product line what are the steps that follow? How would they do their research to make sure that they bring a product that will fly of the racks? In this essay I will be adding a new product to the Tresemme family with thorough research on why, how and who it will concern. New product Tresemme is really focussed on all things hair and the quality of having a salon treatment experience at an affordable…show more content…
Tresemme was established in 1947 and was purchased for the intention to distribute within salons only. It then became such a popular brand that is was marketed in department stores, pharmacies and supermarkets worldwide. Commonly used by hair care professionals, large captive target audience but a limited range of products available for men. The bottles are big, so its value for money. The company’s vision is “dedicated to creating hair care and styling products that are salon quality without the salon price.” - ( Goals - “Our salon-inspired, stylist-tested products help you create your own look, experience and salon feeling every day.”( The target audience is mainly for woman, men can also use the product but they advertise and design for women. Every woman wants salon hair, soft, frizz free, smelling nice and shiny hair for a non salon…show more content…
2. Clarify Strategy – take research findings and align the brand strategy to them. Write a creative brief for the development of branding identity and elements. A brand strategy is a long-term plan for the development of a successful brand in order to achieve specific goals. Tresemme’s brand strategy was so well executed that still after 43 years the product still brings you salon quality hair products - a logo that is designed for a professional look and has a tagline of “used by professionals”. They have a very long lasting brand strategy that is what make them the successful company that they are, the strategy was well thought of before implementing. To keep the professionalism of the brand so it still feels like salon quality. The new product should have professional, trustworthy and a long lasting brand name. 3. Design Identity – using the creative brief, design all the brand identity facets. Ensure that the identity aligns to and supports the future of the brand and its

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