Case Study Of Unilever Company

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Unilever a leading multinational corporation has different brands that integral consumer products on a large scale and involve in manufacturing huge operating in hundred countries all over the world. Unilever 's has been moved by the important conditions of the day like financial boom, fast change in technology, depression, people 's living style, and recession. Unilever was original recognized in 1930 by the merging of soap maker Lever Brothers and margarine maker. In 1930 the Unilever business spread and new enterprise were installed in Latin America. They are always increasing their products to provide stronger, extraordinary development. Unilever 's have five laboratories all over the world, which examine new techniques to make more improve. Unilever 's purpose is to set the highest values of organizational behavior including everyone they work with. 2.2 Recent History of Unilever The recent history of the Unilever is how they effective leading in recent years until now the board has provided a proper way to collect the data and how to evaluate performance, but most of the organization left to the country units. Recently they dismissal many of their employees in order to cut the cost but this situation has taken place in some of the countries who are facing declining period which importantly affected their product cost, stock cost, and other cost as well. As a result Unilever had faced high rivalry in the business, and they manage positively in the difficult time, they

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