Case Study Of Uniqlo

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Based on the annual report (2016), Uniqlo is a well-known Japanese casual wear brand under Fast Retailing Company, which sells a wide variety of clothing in worldwide. Uniqlo originally named as Unique Clothing Warehouse, which was offered clothing for Men in 1949. Tadashi Yanai who is the owner of Uniqlo had shorten Unique Clothing Warehouse to Uniqlo, which is from this two words “unique” and “clothing” to made it as a simple word. It opened first store in Hiroshima, Japan in 1984.
According to Kotler & Armstrong (2014), customer needs is having something that customer need or desire for that customer feel it is necessary for themselves. For example, customer need the clothes to protect from the type of climate or weather, required to cover parts of body and other of social purposes. Wants is customer wishing to have something due to individual purposes or had influenced by others. For an example, customer wants to buy jeans from Uniqlo brand due to follow nowadays trend. Demands is a customer request to buy a product with a specific brand that they willing to pay even though how much expensive that product is. For example, some customers willing to purchase Lisa Larson Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt which is costs about RM 59.90 due to the standard of quality and brand. Uniqlo as a fashion retail company, its believe that produces high quality and unique clothing with reasonable prices by following on the trend will let customers to pay attention on it. Refers to Uniqlo’s

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