Veggie Bread In The UAE: A Case Study

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The market for healthier food products in the UAE is growing at a fast rate. This trend follows reports by the World Health Organization that the rate of obesity in the UAE is almost twice the world’s average. People now prefer healthier food alternatives away from the traditional food which heavily relies on dairy, grain, and meat products (McKechnie et al., 2006).

Product Description
The product soon to be introduced into the UAE market is a healthier version of bread referred to as Veggie Breads. Furthermore, the project aims at introducing a variety of flavors with the inclusion of vegetables such as tomatoes, eggplant, and horseradish. The Veggie bread is made by baking bits of the horseradish plant in flour dough and water augmented
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The bread industry is no exception to this trend. Bread is one of the most consumed types of food in the UAE and other parts of the world due to its affordability and availability. In a recent survey, it was noted that nutritional value is the most important factor affecting people’s decision to buy food especially in the developed world (Keatinge et al., 2010). Therefore, with health and fitness lifestyle trends, people in the United Arab Emirates are more likely to choose bread with less sugar content and more vegetable nutrients to improve their health…show more content…
Strategies of financial risk management are reducing the volatility of earnings and cash flow, managing financing costs and operating expenses by controlling variations and increasing the value of company shares.

These strategies are the most efficient for new businesses since their capital base has not experienced growth with market share.
The tools used to forecast financial progress for and start-up costs. The company sets an extra 20 percent to its financial forecasts to cover any unexpected expenses during the start-up. The company will also carry out an appraisal of unit and margin sales after every month to plot a projection. Furthermore, the firm will base expenses on industry benchmarks and market research.

The business has the following financial intermediary options: investment and commercial banks and mutual funds. The financial negotiation plays the role of connecting the businesses with other parties such as clients and sales agents. Therefore, our company is poised to enjoy the services and benefits of commercial and investment banks. As a start-up, the most readily available financial intermediary is commercial and investment banks. They are also the primary intermediaries for other parties that deal with the

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