Case Study Of Veggie Bread

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The market for healthier food products in the UAE is growing at a fast rate. This trend follows reports by the World Health Organization that the rate of obesity in the UAE is almost twice the world’s average. People now prefer healthier food alternatives away from the traditional food which heavily relies on dairy, grain, and meat products (McKechnie et al., 2006). Product Description The product soon to be introduced into the UAE market is a healthier version of bread referred to as Veggie Breads. Furthermore, the project aims at introducing a variety of flavors with the inclusion of vegetables such as tomatoes, eggplant, and horseradish. The Veggie bread is made by baking bits of the horseradish plant in flour dough and water augmented with flavors. The horseradish acts as the primary source of nutrients in the bread. The Veggie bread will comprise four flavors each sold at different prices namely the red bread (beetroot) , the green bread (basil) ,the black bread (natural charcoal) , and hummus bread. What makes this business unique is that it’s a unique and a healthy alternative to usual bread. It’s also extremely delicious and not like typical healthy food Form of Ownership The business will operate as a general partnership whereby the partners contribute resources, skills, and funds and proportionately share loss and profit equally as per the terms of the partnership agreement. Partnerships are quite easy to create, and it enhances the ability to raise

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