Vendox Swot Analysis

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Vendox is a new company specializes in importing vending machines and commercial food and beverage equipment from USA. The major goal for this company is to provide high quality machines and start preparing marketing plan to provide those machines in Qatar market.
Vendox Mission:
Being a leader is in initiating and innovating high class vending machines and restaurant equipments to Qatar market. This will happen through providing good relationship with customers and good service.
Vendox Products:
Vending machines will contain:
Item Description Size Price
Healthy Bars Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars 42gm QR 3 Belvita Bran, Fiber-rich Biscuits (Cardamom, Plain) 72gm QR 2 Alpen Cereal Bars (Fruit & Nut, Fruit & Nut with Milk
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Short-term borrowing will supply Vendox with an extra $2,500 and the rest will be supply by investment capital.
• Situation Analysis: Vendox is in their first year of action. Their goods have received strong command from early contacts with end users and distributors. Marketing will be serious to produce important command for the products. The basic market requires is for high quality, pioneering vending machines as well as restaurant equipment.
• Market Summary: Vendox has gathered good information about the market and knows an immense deal about the general attributes of the target customers. This information will be influence to better understand who is served, their precise needs, and how Vendox can most excellent communicate with the customers. • Market
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Offering to customers Provide lower and high prices products equally
Price Strategy Vendox's pricing is proposed to be competitive and supply the distributor (when applicable) a fair edge.
Distribution All of the goods can be disseminated in Qatar
Sales Strategy
Service Strategy
Promotion Strategy Vendox will use quite a lot of special ways for their advertising and promotion campaign.
Marketing Research Throughout the early stages of the marketing plan progress, Vendox detained quite a lot of diverse center groups with discernment customers. The center groups were urbanized out of exchanges/beginnings finished at the local trade show. The goal of the center groups was to seek an important quantity of information from perception customers.
Marketing segmentation Based on demographic variable (income) this product can offer appropriate price for both high and low income people specially students and people who don’t have time to order food can take snack from the machine.
Contingency Planning Difficulties and Risks:
• Problems creating visibility.
• Bring in issues that are away from Vendox's

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