Case Study Of Wells Fargo

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The Bank of Wells Fargo
Rodney Thomas Sr.
Western International University
Organizational Theory and Behavior
Professor, Beth Groh
February 19, 2018 Case Study 5 Wells Fargo Bank Wells Fargo is one of the country’s largest banking companies with hundreds of employees working in many branches. For this large bank, the most effective recruiting and employee selection both internal and external are well informed about the job and with potential recruits. The job of the human resource department at Wells Fargo tends to become increasingly significantly since they have to identify the right people who will fit in the organization. In addition, recruiting and selecting the unsuitable candidates will lead to extra labor and hence will increase the running cost of the organization. For the Wells Fargo bank, they cannot select the best employee without its proper and unique use of the recruiting and selection process.

Once a selection process has brought out enough applicants, pools then are relevant to personnel in the organization works to select the best candidates for specific job vacancies (Judge, & Robbins 2017). Wells Fargo Method of Training
Above average Wells Fargo is one of the largest banking institutions in the country, and one of the nation’s largest employers consisting of over 140,000 team players. Training and development programs are components of the HR department (Judge, & Robbins 2017) training includes
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