Case Study: Wizz Air Corporate Communications

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OPPORTUNITY WIZZ AIR COMMUNICATION STRATEGY 2015 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Wizz Air Corporate Communications is charged with leading the external, earned communication and internal employee engagement communication efforts for the company and plays a major role in strengthening the brand. As Wizz Air evolves and grows, communication must keep pace. The size of the company, its position as a leading airline in Europe, its wider European footprint and the fact it is now a very visible public company require a change in the scope and focus of communication for both external and internal audiences. Corporate Communications should augment its normal functions that support operations – route and airport development and marketing support – with a more strategic…show more content…
While it is not the intent of the company to look for wide external publicity through its charitable acts, it is important to account for corporate social responsibility in order to share an overview through Investor Relations channels, and to enhance employee morale as a caring company. It is critical here to install a strategy and a process to ensure uniformity. Wizz Air has the opportunity to work with industry groups to impact industry issues and regulations with the intent to streamline our own operations and thus lower our costs. Corporate Communications will begin to use modern measurement techniques that have become industry standards to better evaluate the effectiveness of communication efforts and campaigns. OBJECTIVE The objective of the communication strategy is to change or reinforce behaviors and impressions of the key audiences of Wizz Air, primarily through earned media, employee communication, thought leadership and corporate social responsibility, to support overall corporate objectives. In more general terms, the objective of this strategy is to add context and meaning to what we do in order for our key audiences to act as we want them to act. We will add the why to the what, and to value quality over quantity. Notional Top Level Functional Communication…show more content…
TACTICAL MESSAGES - The leadership at WIZZ is experienced in airline operations and focused on providing a superior customer experience while keeping costs – and thus fares – low. Greater opportunity for business success. - WIZZ provides low fares and customer-focused value for customers across Europe and the Middle East – greater opportunity for more people to expand their world and experience, reconnect with family or start a new life. - WIZZ employees love what they do. Greater opportunity for personal growth and self-satisfaction in life. - WIZZ is a responsible partner in regions where we operate. Greater opportunity for people who have less than we have. - WIZZ provides thought leadership to the industry and to region where we operate. Greater opportunity to impact the industry and realize corporate goals. RESOURCES - Outside of a slight bump in travel costs to the UK to account for an enhanced media effort there, the plan should be primarily a refocus of current, budgeted resources – money and staff
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