Case Study Of Woolworths

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QUESTION1 Question 1.1 Product Orientation Extracted from a Case Study by the IIE Mark142 (2015:3 and 5)  Woolworths is passionate about quality, value, service, innovation and sustainability  Woolworths offer top quality products that offer great value  Woolworths make sure that their products are responsibly sourced  Woolworths love bringing new exciting ideas about their products QUESTION 1.2  Customer satisfaction -Woolworths build a high performance culture with its customers -Woolworths reward loyal customers by giving them gift card -According to an online article by IOL Business (2013: np), Woolworths said it would improve its customers’ experience through more focused communication  Total Company Effort -To meet employment equity targets and, where there is a skills shortage at senior leadership level, create a skills pipeline to provide the necessary momentum for change -To become a level4 contributor and support enterprise development -As part of their business journey they are working with their farms to give back to nature and preserve their precious resources for generations to come  Profit -According to an online article by Fin24 (2012:np), Woolworths impresses with profit, consumer spending is improving in Africa’s biggest economy due to decades-low interest rates and above inflation wage hikes Question 1.3  CUSTOMER VALUE -Consist of the sum total of benefits which a vendor promises a customer will receive in return for
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