Case Study: Omnicell Case

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Omnicell was found in 1992 by Randall A Lipps an industrial engineer. Omnicell is an automated medication and supply cabinet systems enable remote dispensing of needed medications at the point of care. Authorized caregivers can access most medications from the Omnicell automated medication cabinet, which easily stores up to 700 different items (Automated Dispensing Cabinets, 2016). Omnicell is a California-based technology company that manufactures and sells automation products and services for hospital pharmacies, nursing units, specialty clinics, and operating rooms (Omnicell, Inc.). The company 's goal is to help hospitals improve patient safety and reduce costs of administering drugs and supplies within a single system. And to integrate data, improve visibility to analytics, and streamline pharmacy and nursing workflows.…show more content…
Omnicell system ensures the patient safety by reducing the mistake of medication and it improves patients care by reducing nursing administration time. A clinical study showed that Omnicell system can increase the efficiency of nursing workflow. As part of the study, 122 nurses were surveyed about their attitudes and experiences with Omnicell solutions compared to the previous system deployed at HUMC. nurse satisfaction regarding on many workflow factors, including Efficiency of medication administration, Effectiveness in reducing medication errors, Ease of use for checking medication orders before administration, and Availability of
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