Case Study On Airtel

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Findings from the study:

• Around 70% of people are using Airtel than other networks. More number of males and the youth of age 19-21 are using Airtel most.
• Found that Airtel is not only used by youth even aged and corporate bodies use Airtel for their communication and transactions.
• Those who do not use a mobile also have an idea on telecom industry and Airtel.
• Relatives and friends are playing a major role in the expansion of Airtel network though Airtel is using different kinds of sources in promotion.
• Many people once get into Airtel are not able to leave this network or the Airtel offers or services which are of seasonal are not letting them to do so.
• The 3G services are playing the major role in the usage of customers as majority
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“Study on Customer satisfaction towards Airtel services” has been a great experiencing project so far.
• According to the marketing strategy and marketing point of view Airtel is providing and giving good output in the market. All the services, plans and schemes introduced by Airtel are very likely reaching the customers through newspapers, hoardings, TV,advertisements etc. there are also many other sources through which the customers are feeling comfortable in using Airtel as their chosen network.
• The advancement of technology use by Airtel service providers is very much growing and is kind of easy in the market compared with other networks.
• There is very good response from the customers more than 70% of the city population use Airtel network which shows the strategy of Airtel in the market.
• Friends & family are the sources for the majority of the respondents. And the majority are from the age group of 19 to 21 which says the youth is the major part to the network to get attracted and
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• The only network which provides credit facility according to the usage and depending on the customer that is from 10rs to 50rs. And this facility was given to help in emergency time.
• Providing balance transfer also attracted many so that one who doesn’t use his total balance can transfer to his friend or the need once. This facility is not only for prepaid customers but also postpaid customers can also transfer balance to prepaid customers.
• After introduction of smart phones in the market Airtel introduced many attractive services like Airtel money through which bills can be paid of all the departments and concerns and this is the first network to introduce this kind of service to the customers all over the India.
• “Your plan” is also very good service in which you get many options in postpaid to reduce your bill amount in which u can be satisfied for what service you use and pay. And this was also the first network providing such kind of service in postpaid.
• The customer service of Airtel is also very good in response to the customers. And provides 24/7
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