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It is basically defined as the area of opeartion in which the company excels. For instance a fast food retaurant would manage its operations according to the trends and changes that take place in the industry to which the restaurant is related i.e. the food industry.
Similarly, Bentley motors is involved in three different types of industres as mentioned above:
1. Engineering – The engineering philosophy pursued at Bentley involves both luxury and performance. Engineers at Bentley make sure that each and every component of the vehicle is designed with utmost
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It designs, develops and manufactures luxury automobiles mostly which are hand – built. It was founded by Walter Owen Bentley on 18th January 1919 in Cricklewood, North London. One of the main objectives of Bentley Motors is to provide its high – gentry’ customers with nothing but the best! They aim at scrutinizing each and every component assembled and manufactured at their UK production houses to provide the best experiences and luxury driven vehicles to their purchasers.
At Bentley “They have shaped a philosophy of not simply reaching a destination, but of doing so with purpose and power. In a Bentley, you arrive in every sense of the word. For the driver, it means entering a world of luxurious high-performance. For the brand, it represents the skills, passion and pride of our people. An individual hallmark of absolute quality.” (Bentley Motors, 2015)
Currently Bentley Motors has about 3,600 employees hired from all over the world at its different production units. At Bentley along with manufacturing superior vehicles, employee development and motivation is also a top priority. The company aims at promoting young talent and also strives to develop its employment
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Assembly – While most car manufacturing firms employ robots, at Bentley the main aim is to use just 2 robots and move the chassis around so that both the robots have access to the body. The entire product has to go through 20 stages from zinc phosphate coating, baking from 140 – 175 degrees, wax injections to polishing to give the cars the Bentley mirror finish. At the production units a computer controlled hemming machine is used to attach all studs & components – doors, boots, bonnets etc. For testing the vehicles, a complete body is firstly built only to be taken apart again. On an everyday basis, one out of five cars is checked for efficiency. It takes around 3 weeks to assemble the entire product. In a single 8 hour shift employees send around 35 bodies to the paint shop each of which was assembled to specific customer request. These are then tested to check the breaking point of a seam or weld. Since each car is tailored to specific customer requirements each car will vary with regards to its

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