Case Study On E-Tailing

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E-tailing consists of computer – interactive retailing activities over the web. It involves a web site maintained by the e-tailer for getting and commercialism of merchandise and services via pc networks.
Statement of the Problem The E-tailing concept in India is still relatively new. There is a paradox here “Customer focus” is traditional thinking but its application on the net involves new and non-traditional approaches. The E-tailers will have to alter the business model to overcome the constraints of E-tailing. Some forms have been led astray by technology and IT and truly successful have used the net to apply the core concepts
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Chances are that they will co-exist profitably To retail or to e-tail? That sounds like a Shakespearean dilemma. You ask any retailer; chances are that he will say both.
It all began a couple of years ago. Retailing as an attractive business was slowly emerging out of the shadows. Quite a few corporate houses began looking at retailing as one way to corporate salvation. Notable among them are: the R P Goenka group, the Tatas, the S Kumars, the Rajan Raheja group and the Ajay Piramal group. And many more are still in the process of finalizing their forays into retailing. The dilemma Even as loose ends of retailing plans are being tied up, e-tailing has begun catching the attention of many entrepreneurs. Suddenly, you started hearing e-tailing names such as,,, and This could well be the beginning of an e-tail revolution. As the new sensation unfolds, it should be understood that retailing is serious business. Thanks to the popularity of the Internet, e-tailing is assuming greater significance. A number of products and services are on e-tail offer and novel plans are being worked out by many e-tailers. Consider for
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Overstock designed this program so that one retailer’s inventory doesn’t end up in another retailer’s store unless the partner retailer decides to sell its inventory in bulk on Overstock’s b2b site,, also launched in June. Retailers that become partners through this program deal with their own fulfillment. According to Byrne, it was designed with a “small, ‘Mom and Pop’ electronics store in mind,” and it is doing extremely well.”We love the idea of supporting a small retailer against the big retailers with this
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