Electric Motorcycles Persuasive Speech

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Giovany Hernandez ET-110 Jim Hannibal 7/14/2015 Electric Motorcycles Do you ever hear people complaining about excessive pollution of motorcycles? well the truth is that motorcycles are more harmful to the world than cars so most people are buying electric motorcycles and they had a big impact when they first came out in 1895 was the early production of electric motorcycles they direng so as fast as a gas motorcycle but it did its job, “As you start hanging out in the electric-vehicle world, that’s a common theme—almost all the parts being used for electric motorcycles and racing cars were originally designed for something else. No one has yet built a dedicated, optimized production motor for an electric bike—or a lightweight, short-fused,…show more content…
and another thing is that they are save to raid on the motorcycles they can't get on faier or in danger of them the have safis on the bike the Zero bikes are the most sife in the planet they aren't as dangerous as before because they cip getting better and better and most companies are that they ar liking for first property safety on the motorcycles they're already super dangerous they want to makum super duper safety first priority, and you still get the benefit of a regular motorcycle they are still small can cut thru traffic and park and a small area and most off the time you get free parking like schools and way more stuff, they have impact people on the way that they are lait and not as heavy as the gas motorcycles that most people have and one of the dawn saids is they don't look as good as the regular gas bikes that they have in market dealers top priority is that the bike is reliable and that the bike doesn't weyst as much gas and that they are small and can take abuse of the owner so they can last a LONG TIME, the inventors of the the ones that have the most money and that contains that part of the company, most part of the motorcycle at a little more complicated because they have to build a lot more circuit in the motorcycle and one of the hardest things are the electrical components of that motorcycle, the Brammo morocco is the one that has more electrical components then any other bike in the market so far is one of the best ones. I want to talk about

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