Case Study On Evolution Of Mac Cosmetics

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This term paper, revolving around ‘Advertising trends of MAC cosmetics and future prospects’ was a part of the curriculum in 3 years bachelors programme in Journalism and Mass Communication.
This project consumed huge amount of work, research and dedication and therefore I, Prakriti Chauhan would take this opportunity to express my profound gratitude and deep regard to my Project Guide, Mrs. Tanu Bhargava, Assistant Professor at Amity School of Communication, Amity University Uttar Pradesh for her exemplary guidance, valuable feedback and constant encouragement throughout the duration of the project. Her valuable suggestions were of immense aid throughout the project work. Also, her perceptive criticism motivated me to complete
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Over the years, MAC has built a good reputation for itself by using innovative marketing techniques, thereby breaking away from the safe and obvious.

MAC started the retail industry’s first charity called the MAC AIDS FUND; Mac was one of the first to start charity in the retail sector which was a very innovative idea. This was done as an advertising strategy and as another way of
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2. Barbie colours cosmetics line of cosmetics: MAC had teamed up with Mattel to give their customers basic girly makeup products but only for adults


Brand strengths
MAC cosmetics are a world renowned company it has a lot of celebrity following and it kind of owns the makeup industry. Its quality and goodwill has attracted mouth endorsements from professional makeup artists

Brand weakness
Because of the high pricing of MAC cosmetics the products are largely available to professionals and celebrities, only few common people can purchase it

Brand opportunity
Firstly MAC has the opportunity to open more freestanding stores also consumers these days are health conscious so MAC can advertise that their products are cruelty free and of really high quality

Brand threats
The main threat that MAC cosmetics is facing right now is competition, there are many more efficient companies coming up in the market and regarding to competition another threat MAC cosmetics is facing is their pricing. The prices of their products are pretty high compared to other brands in the market like Revlon or Maybelline

Data Collection Tools
• I used the internet to get information on the given

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