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The Problem and Its Background
The hospitality industry is now growing so fast. It is composed of various organizations including hotels, resorts, food service, restaurants, fast food, bars, coffee shops and clubs.
Hotels are regarded as the leader of all hospitality industry lodging establishments. Hotel is a place that has rooms in which people can stay especially when they are travelling: a place that provides food, lodging, and other services for paying guests, (Merriam-Webster). A major product of the hotels are their rooms which is a part of the rooms division together with front office department. Unique operation of these hotels ranges from eight (8) hours up to twenty four (24) hours a day which enables them
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Moreover, supplying energy in 2030 will require an investment of US$ 16’000 billions (United Nations Environment Program). The hotel industry is also affected by this issue. Its energy demand is closely linked to the comfort of its guests. Indeed, a 300-room hotel spends, on average, US$ 1.2 million per year on energy. This is the second highest cost after wages. To reduce the impact on the environment, it is necessary to control the consumption of fossil fuels and to turn to clean technologies and renewable energy. (Best Environmental Practices for Hotel Industry by Sustainable Business Associates)
Recently, with the negative effects to the environment, there has been an extensive effort and demand in greening the tourism industry (Jamaludin and Yusof, 2014). There are various views and reasons why establishments practice environment friendly hotel operations. Primarily, some establishments believe that it is an obligatory thing to since it talks about the environment. Secondly, others will do so because of increasing governmental regulation. Finally, many will find that a greater proportion of their guests increasingly are demanding “green” operations. (Enz and Siguaw,
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Specifically it aimed to answer the following questions:
1. What is the establishment’s profile?
2. What is the extent of implementation of the Green Practices Management Hotels in Metro Manila based on the following factors:
a. Energy Efficiency and Conservation
b. Water Efficiency and Conservation
c. Reuse, Reduce and Recycle
3. What is the extent of willingness of hotel guests in participating to green practices?
4. Is there a significant relationship between the hotel’s green practices on customer satisfaction compared to other factors like room, facilities and food and beverages?

Significance of the Study
This research study will benefit the hotels and its guests, community, environmentalists and the graduate school. This study will contribute to the deeper understanding of hotels in their self-assessment of green practices to provide insights into development, issues and methods. Also, it will take part of the realization of hotels for the improvement of service for the hotel

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