Got Milk Case Study

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1. From the case, what association did consumers have for milk as a product in their life?

When consumer think about milk, they don’t think about a brand name or their favorite flavor because milk lacks these features. When consumers think about milk, the only differences are ranging from whole to skim milk and where to purchase the commodity product. The associations consumers had for milk as a product in their life included their health. This association with the product is important for consumers because milk is a product known to promote strong bones. Consumers also see milk a product that is complimentary to other products such as cereal and cookies, instead of it being standalone product. Other associations consumers have with milk,
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Also, in the past milk was always advertised as a solo product, meaning in television commercials as well as other types of advertising milk was shown by itself. In the “Got milk” campaign, the advertising agency went with a deprivation strategy. In the “Got milk” advertisements, milk was absent and the commercials would show the consumers enjoying complimentary foods of milk, and then once the consumer devoured the food, they would search everywhere for some milk. The idea was to make consumers answer the got milk question with a yes. The associations consumers have with milk, from questions one and two, were used based on what the consumers already knew about milk and made make sure they had some. The campaign did not take note of the health aspects and didn’t try selling the product alone, but the advertising companies took the idea consumers associations with milk and other foods to drive consumers to purchase milk. Milk association with other foods drove this campaign as well as consumers fear of not having milk when they needed it. The deprivation strategy used make milk a necessity for consumers The campaign from there kept growing and rearranging for different audiences.

4. Looking forward, what could CMPB do to keep the “Got milk” message and strategy fresh in the consumer’s
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