Case Study On Packaging Design And Labeling

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Chapter I INTRODUCTION 1.1 Introduction Packaging design and labeling is a part of marketing strategy to sale the product. Packaging mostly use paper, metal glasses, wood, fabric for packaging. There is several purpose of objective packaging and labeling. Packaging is mainly to physical protection; follow to barrier protection, containment, information transmission, marketing, security and portion control. Packaging can categorize into 3 parts. The primary packaging is the envelops to the product which direct contact to the product. Second categorize is the outside from primary packaging, which used to group primary packages together. And tertiary packaging is for bulk handling, warehouse storage or transport shipping. Most of tertiary…show more content…
There are many packaging design in the market until too much type of design and selection. In Malaysia, there are many advertising agency can help entrepreneur to crate best packaging and labeling for their product. According by Scott Young (2004), marketers are now recognizing the power of innovative packaging system to differentiate brand, justify price premium, and/or increase brand loyalty. But low budget the main cause they don’t want to invest much money to R&D the packaging. Finally, packaging design cannot attract the consumer as the main attraction to buy the product. 1.2 Statement of Problem i. Packaging design and labeling in Malaysia did not attract to the costumers. ii. Bad packaging design and labeling for IKS industries. iii. No Guideline for designer to create packaging and labeling in Malaysia. 1.3 Research Objective Based on the above discussion, the present study has developed the following objectives: i. The general objective of the study is to determine which element in packaging design and labeling can attract to customer such illustration in labeling, typography, colour or shape of packaging. ii. Create guideline to designer to help them to create best packaging design and labeling without waste the…show more content…
Become a effective packaging design should be more research from the scratch which is from qualitative to quantitative research, the implication of survey research, the link to sale and looking ahead. With this technic, the packaging design should be bocove innovative and effective. Conclusion for this article is, effective and innovative is not easy step to follow. But if we follows the right step, not impossible the great ant effective packaging design will created. Packaging design is universal idea without loose anesthetic of the product. Moreover, if we have gude, designer should not trap into the demand of client until limit their creativity. Eco-design and succesful packging This article is about how the important eco-design to great packaging. Is it because, “green” is no option to the design to put in their packaging design. The packaging become sustainable product without create the pollution to the environment. The advantages eco-design in this article is, give a benefit to the business, create new markets, and create new attitude to the designer also

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