Porsche Porter's Five Forces

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1.1. Positioning the company – Competition Porsche Automobile Holding SE, usually shortened just to Porsche, is a German holding company with investments in the automotive industry and has about 18,000 employees all over the world (Porsche, 2014). The main competition for Porsche’s high-end cars like the 918 Spyder or the 911 Turbo or Turbo S is arguably from Italian specialty automaker Ferrari. In similar demographics the brands appeal through traditionally vehicles to quite different personalities. Other competitors include coupes from Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz, Maserati, BMW and Audi. The Cayenne and Macan which are more in the SUV category, gets competition from for example the Volkswagen Touareg, BMW X5, Lexus RX, Mercedes…show more content…
A sporty car? A special engine? Speed? No, we say there is more than that. Porsche is a lifestyle, it’s distinctive, and it’s something special. Since our foundation in 1931 our everyday aspiration is to become the market leader of sport car manufactures in the world and until today we are heading into the right direction. We started as a small design office which evolved within 14 years to a leading automobile manufacturer who’s not just producing high end sport cars but also cars for a suitable daily use and every terrain. Our long-lasting and successful history which is characterized by milestone innovations and exclusive design makes us a trusted brand in the world. As a multinational car company which can be found on every single continent around the globe, a revenue in 2013 of 14,3 billion euros and a profit of 1,9 billion euros makes us the car manufacturing company with the highest profit margin in the whole world. And still our main focus lies on people. We believe that the best engine are highly motivated and committed employees. And that’s why we take care about them by providing apprenticeships and further education to enable our employees every chance they want to and satisfy them as much as possible. By doing this we also try to adjust every single job to the individual stage of life by creating for example a family friendly environment by providing
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