Case Study On Recycling And Recycling

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7. To take certain obligations concerning packaging and its recycling. Typically, the packaging used to protect products from contamination and maintain its properties. If the product is damaged and cannot be used, all the effort and energy spent on its production will be wasted. Thus, the company with a product in the package is financially responsible and trying to recycle packaging more efficient and in a more environmentally friendly way. Collecting and recycling are usually performed by non-profit organizations, and this is indicated by the logo on the packaging, such as "Green Dot" (green dot). 8. To pay great attention to working conditions and human rights. Training and retraining of personnel, as well as occupational health and safety are highlighted as the most important issues in ensuring safe working conditions and maintaining the position of an attractive employer. 9. To pay attention to important issues such as the efficient use of energy, CO2 emissions, water consumption and the volume of waste. 4.3. Diesel and Social Responsibility/Ecological Sustainability. As was described at the beginning of this work, Diesel is a part of Only The Brave group. Thus, we will cover this topic in terms of OTB group, but not the separate company, because the principles that apply group will automatically apply to all brands inside. I would like to start the description of the company’s social responsibility program with the headquarters. OTB headquarters was opened in 2009 and

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