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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the activity of optimizing web pages or whole sites in order to make them search engine friendly, thus getting higher positions in search results SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is all about optimizing a website for search engines.
SEO is a technique for:
• Designing and developing a website to rank well in search engine results.
• Improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines.
• Marketing by understanding how search algorithms work, and what human visitors Might search.
SEO is a subset of search engine marketing. SEO is also referred as SEO copyrighting, because most of the techniques that are used to promote sites in
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So search engine databases will contain the ranks for each webpage, if the rank of your webpage is number 1 for the particular search keywords then your webpage will be showing up in the first link.
Therefore based upon the rank of a webpage search engine will render the webpage and shows the results in ascending order. How can we get good rank to our webpage? Here is the answer:
Ranking depends on the domain name, quality content, file name, keywords used. To achieve the page ranking we need to follow the SEO technique i.e. Optimization.
There are two ways of optimization.
1. On-page Optimization: Process of applying SEO techniques to a particular webpage on the website is called as on-page optimization. By inserting good content, good keywords selection, putting keywords on correct places, giving appropriate title to every page, etc.
2. Off-page Optimization: Here we need not have to work on our webpage or website, we need to do link building, increasing link popularity by submitting open directories, search engines, link exchange, etc.
SEO Methods
SEO methods are broadly classified into two
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White hat SEO: SEO techniques which are recommended by search engines are called white hat SEO.
2. Black hat SEO: Methods which are not recommended by search engines i.e. which should not be followed is known as black hat SEO.
Website Domain
• Domain name should be short with keywords attached that increases click rates.
• Avoid long and confusing domain names.
• Do not use special characters and separate domain names.
• We should keep two or three words maximum in the domain name, hence it's easy to keep in mind.
File name Style
• Files that we are importing in our website should be short.
• It is better we use same type keywords in the filename as in the title page, so that there will be no confusion.
• It is good and better to name the file as your service name, for example: “online-shoe.html”.
• Do not use more than three to four words.
• Always use the hyphen i.e. – to separate the words instead of underscore i.e. _. This will help the Search Engines to index the pages easily.
Example of file naming styles is:
Design and Layout
Design and layout of a website will give a good impression to the users during the first visit. So below points to be covered during the website

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