Case Study On Social Isolation And False In Self-Worth

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Ken is a student who has excellent academic results in his secondary life, due to this reason; he has a high expectation on his DSE result. But unfortunately he got a disappointed result and fails to enter the local university. When he get into the college, he keeps a distance with the secondary friends because of his sense of inferiority, moreover , he thinks he is superior than the student who studied in the college so he are not able to meet new friends in there. For instance, he feels so stressful about his academics results because he is strongly willing to get into the university as soon as possible. In the following paragraphs, I will identify what obvious problems Ken has and I will suggest some solution based on some theory.

Problem identified of Ken
Problem one
Social Isolation and false in self-worth
At first, Mike (2000) indicated that “self-worth” is how you feel about yourself and it will influence and affect your interests, education level, career choices, friends, lovers and your health. In the case of Ken, he thinks he is the best in the past so he has high expectation on himself and it cause a high pressure in the college life. Farouk (n.d.) implied that social isolation can be caused by low self-esteem, excessive shyness or even an inferiority complex. He felts failure due to the poor public examination result so he keeps distance with his friends who enter the university. A good experience in the secondary school which make him become

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