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Starwood Hotels and Resorts is one of the world's largest high-end hotel and resort companies. One of Starwood's divisions, W Hotels, is upgrading their existing online reservation system. You are a project manager at Starwood and will be leading the SDLC for a website project that W Hotels is initiating. An overview of the company, the specific case information, and your responsibilities are included in this document. You will be using this case information for several of the labs in this course.
Begin this lab by familiarizing yourself with the company.
Overview of Starwood Hotels and Resorts
"Through our brands, we are well represented in most major markets around the world. Our operations are grouped into two business segments, hotels
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Read the case information given above. (You will be using this case for several labs in this course.)
B. Research the following items about Starwood Hotels and Resorts.
i. Read the full overview of the company. ii. In what city is the company headquartered? iii. What is the stock symbol for this company?. iv. What is the company's website address?
v. What companies does Hoovers list as the "top competitors" of Starwood?
 Hoovers information can be found at the following website:
Step 2: Define A List of Potential Positions

Create a list of positions that you would like to have for this project.
To help you decide on your list of positions, consider the phases of the systems development life cycle as it applies to this project, and select positions with the appropriate skills to carry out each phase. For example, if you are using a structured SDLC, you may decide that you need a business analyst position for the analysis phase. Pay particular attention to the positions needed to implement the upgraded reservations website and to train W Hotel's personnel to use it.
Step 3: Research Position Details

A. Using, or a similar site, locate a job profile for each of the positions on your staffing wish

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