Case Study On Taco Bell

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CASE WRITE-UP: TACO BELL A MEXICAN-INSPIRED RESTAURANT IN INDIA INTRODUCTION Taco Bell was founded by Glen Bell. The first Taco bell was a 400-square-foot restaurant in Downey, California, built in 1962. Franchised, the company went public in 1964 and was acquired by Yum! Brands. By 2013 Taco bell had more than 6000 restaurants. Taco Bell principally attempted to appeal to 18 to 24 years old whose priorities were price and convenient, who preferred their food cheaply and quickly. Their mission statement is to provide the best Mexican-inspired Fast food with a service that is not only Fast and accurate, but also friendly. Taco bell was all about convince and inexpensive food meant to profit by volume sales. PROBLEM STATEMENT Starting operations in emerging markets is not always good if you don’t understand the local market or misunderstood the market India is an emerging market, which Taco Bell was planning to conquer. Indian primarily consisted of the organized and unorganized restaurants. Players such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, Mc Donald’s and Subway dominated de QSR sector in India. Indian food continued to be the most popular choice for the Indian people when they ate out of their house. New food items, such as doughnuts, tacos and beagles, which were very popular abroad where still relatively unknown in India. Taco Bell positioned itself in Bangalore as a restaurant that served novel Mexican cuisine at a reasonable price and offer unlimited fun. Bangalore drew

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