Case Study On Workplace Relationships

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Lead and manage effective workplace relationships Assessment 3 BSBLDR502 Lead and manage effective workplace relationships: Assessment 3 (3of3) Communication plan: A3 (The Kristy-Tom case study) Group: C Candidate’s name/s ImDip316B Term 4 -2016 Student ID Student Name s74706 SARAC, Aykut Aikut s71762 DUONG, Quoc Huy Assessor’s name John Bono Due date Week 7/8 Pair assessment task (x2) Outcome/Result Satisfactory Unsatisfactory Comments/feedback Comments in Black text is feedback only: Comments in Red means you must address the point a) Identify type of conflict from the case study. The conflict comes from that Kristy and Tom don’t know their job descriptions. They misunderstand…show more content…
In this case it seems that conflict has reached the disagreement stage where both sides have not willing to change. On the one hand, Tom is not willing to be part of issue since his job role is to consult with clients in order to sell training packages. On the other hand, Kristy wants to push him to make cold calling. The issue becomes very significant for company because of the fact that there is a potential customer and if they do not visit him they cannot win the contract and that will cause profit…show more content…
g) Action planning for conflict resolution  Goals: Resolve problem between Tom and Kristy Create team work environment for all staff to manage effective workplace relationships Action/Activity Timeframe Person/s responsible Reason for action Resource 1. Meeting with Tom and Kristy 06/11/16 HR Manager, Tom, Kristy Understand their position, identify conflict issue. Meeting facility. 2. Mediation 06/11/16 HR Manager, Tom, Kristy Let them understand each other, work together with understanding of team work. Meeting facility, record. 3. Organise team building course 20/11/2016 HR Manager, all employee and manager All staffs and managers understand team work effective Meeting facility, training

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