Case Study On Zeus Asset Management

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Introduction 1
Problem Statement 2
Analysis 2
Philosophy of the Zeus’s investment 2
Primary investors of Zeus 3
Advantages and disadvantages of Zeus’s current investment process 4
Advantages of Zeus’s current investment process 4
Disadvantages of Zeus’s current investment process 5
Evaluation of the performance of Zeus’s equity, bonds and balanced funds 5
Absolute return 5
Relative return 5
Sharpe Ratio 5
Treynor ratio 6
Fama-French three-factor model 6

The report presents a case about Zeus Asset Management, Inc., one of the largest private investment-counseling firms in the Southeast. The company was incorporated in 1968 in Atlanta, Georgia after the deregulation of employee retirement income’s act (ERISA). The organization was capable of serving both institutional and individual investors with strong commitment to provide high quality service to their clients. It benefited the company as well because maintaining strong relationship with client provides an opportunity to the organization to generate increased revenue from loyal customers.
The investment philosophy of Zeus Asset Management was based on the belief that superior investment results could be achieved by following a conservative, risk averse, quality-oriented approach to investment management. Further, the organization also believes in maintaining good relationships with clients because in service organization, maintaining strong relations with their clients is
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