Case Study: Panasonic Corporation

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Panasonic Energy Malaysia Sdn. Bhd Since 1918, Panasonic Corporation was established. It is the one of the famous electrical company as everyone know. Panasonic spends almost RM1.8 billion to make a new solar manufacturing in Malaysia. An annual production capacity of 300 MW operation is started in December 2012 that fixed by the new solar manufacturing base. The new solar manufacturing was named Panasonic Energy Malaysia Sdn. Bhd and it is located in Kulim, Kedah. This company focus on wafers cells and modules as well as produces a vertically-integrated solar manufacturing facility. Panasonic had a slogan which is “A Better Life, A Better World. Analysis Behavioural Viewpoint There are four management viewpoints which are Classical, Behavioural,…show more content…
The Human resource development always follow to the principle, “The basis of management is people" to point out the employees’ abilities, creativities and a challenging spirit. It will also respect the personality and individuality of employees to continue and improve a system that develops the various qualities. In Human resource development, managers have a significant responsibility in recognition development to fulfil their task based on recognition. We can see the diagram on the below which show us how the Management Training to training the Panasonic 's leadership with the principles required to its management philosophy. Every level has different organization that show you how the training of Basic Business Philosophy to study about the methods to…show more content…
All employees should respect each other while work hand in hand with an equal chances and respect basic human rights. The Company of Panasonic will not forces its employees to obey their will but will against with the employment law and regulation of the countries and regions. In addition, the Company will not disturb the privacy of employee and strive to provide a good as well as suitable environment workplace to avoid some unnecessary argument. Of course, a comfortable workplace is cannot be missed. A sincerely treat between the Company and employees can produce a good relationship. (3) Corporate Asset Protection Panasonic will not abuse the tangible and intangible corporate assets which including online network and other information systems although the corporate assets are provided for business purpose. However, the Company will reclaim something related materials of Company such as business-related confidential information and so on when you are going to leave. Without the permission of the Company, employee cannot expose any confidential information which learned in the Company to the next Company that you have been hire. (4) Conflicts of

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