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In this assignment Malaysian National Petroleum Company (PETRONAS) is chosen to measure the importance and customer value and satisfaction. Petronas was founded in 1974 and wholly owned by government of Malaysia. The corporation is entrusted with the entire oil and gas resources in Malaysia and is assigned with the responsibility of developing and adding value to these resources. This company is the manufacturer of LPG, lubricants, high quality petroleum products, motor gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel, asphalt and kerosene. Due to efficient business strategy the company has grown the largest company of Malaysia in the field of petroleum network. It has 725 shops and 1000 stations throughout the country. Beside the worker of the company are…show more content…
With the help of effective business strategy, PETRONAS has successfully occupied the most ownership of the oil and gas reservoir, which is one of the main causes of successful business continuity. The success proved against; PETRONAS is solely responsible for 15% Malaysian foreign exchange. The company is termed as ‘Brand of first choice’. Gradually in the 20th century the company has spread its overseas in 32 countries. Because of government shareholder the company is counted as a part of government body and entrusted by the Malaysian government. Apart from this position, the company also practices some downstream activities. The main objective of this company is to maximize its value of creation. The research wing of PETRONAS controls the sector of gas processing, oil liquefaction and refining, pipeline operation of gas transmission. The PETRONAS has made a unit only for manufacturing the petrochemical products. For shipping and distribution of petroleum product the company does not hire any transport company, they use the transport system of their…show more content…
It is nothing but a representation of the relation in between of company hierarchy to its employee. The efficiency and clarity of organisational structure shows that, how clearly a decision, taken by hierarchy reaches to the employee of the organisation. PETRONAS has adopted such an organisation structure by which they can keep their own goals. In PETRONAS a strategy of signing a cross functional bond in between the division and the departments are present. This bond is a representation of the process of specialization which is enough to driven a company towards success. The company also appreciate an employee with a good rewards and incentives whose work is more efficient from the other in a same post. PETRONAS consider the whole working as a whole which includes the presence of employee, consumer, stakeholders and suppliers. In case of any critical situation related to management or technical works, PETRONAS hires skilled consultant to get rid of the prevailing

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