Case Study: Polaris Consulting And Services

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Polaris Consulting & Services (Polaris) NTCC REPORT SAURISH BISWAS A1833314154 BBA-IB (SEM-3) 2014-2017 Polaris Consulting & Services (Polaris) is among the leading Digital Transformation companies in the world it emphasizes particularly on the Financial Services industry. Over the years the company has built the Universal Digital Channel UDC platforms for a lot of reputed and one of the biggest banks in the world. It has expanded its platform to several continents, hence servicing millions of clients. They process hundreds of millions of transactions each passing minute. In doing so Polaris has gained a competitive advantage and helped its clients over the years, the result of which was a big increase in market-share and share-of-wallet for them. DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION PARTNER Polaris tries to approach digital transformation as a 360 degree endeavor; it simplifies, digitalizes, and also automates all internal and external channels. Its goal is to optimize performance. Polaris is expert in digital transformation for the past 25 years; it has gained experience in digital transformation and has more than 300 clients across all continents. They have created an agile structure and customer relationship that helps them solve all customer problems and handle responses whilst providing a speedy service to them. Partners Polaris is proud to be partnered with one of the best names in Financial Technology across the globe. It is a leader in

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