Case Study: Problem Foundation/Theoretical Orientation/Literature Review

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Problem Foundation/Theoretical Orientation/Literature Review The problem with the agency’s data management system, Sigmund, impacts Sovereign’s clinical team. When a new clinician comes on board the only training received for Sigmund are about a dozen videos. These videos are extremely out of date and do not review half of what is essentially needed to properly use Sigmund. Without the clinician receiving a full understanding of Sigmund, the clinician may feel like they are wasting time, and possibly feel unworthy to be in the field. The lack of significance of training can frustrate the clinician and result in effortless notes, clinical reviews, treatment plans and discharge plans. Overall, the clinician’s “time burden can be onerous given…show more content…
And because of the clinician’s poor training in documenting clinical reviews, many clients have to discharge the program early and not reap the full benefits of the treatment center. The client’s pay a lot of money at Sovereign Health and it would be critical that the client feel confident with their clinician. The client’s first concern should not be their finances, but for the betterment of themselves. A study by Ford, Green, Mackey, Wisdom & Wise (2011) discuss how “billing was the most commonly reported use of data and included: exchanging client information with insurance companies or state funders to determine eligibility, coding services for submission of billing forms to insurers, claims follow-up to determine payment status, and processing client account receivables” (p. 257). Without the proper training, clients lose out on adequate treatment, clinicians develop an inadequate understanding of data management and the treatment center financially declines. Problem Definition and Focus of Treatment. The evaluation process of the data management system training will be discussed. According to Dewan (2011), “Data is needed to guide the process of improvement, as with most service industries. Therefore, the quality of managed care improvements is dependent on the availability of accurate, reliable data” (p. 95). To help improve the quality of proper of training, clinician’s usage of Sigmund will be evaluated throughout their first ninety days of working with Sovereign

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