Case Study: Profits And Pumpkin Pie

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Ivana Jarrett Professor Jimmy Carmenate ACG 3301 22 November 2014 Profits and Pumpkin Pie Martha Stewart is a name that is recognized throughout the country. She is a writer, television personality, business woman and the ultimate homemaker. Martha Stewart has acquired major success through her endeavors in broadcasting, merchandising, and numerous bestselling novels. Stewart is also widely known for her infamous brush with the law when she served time for insider trading; to only return stronger and savvier than ever. However even a person of her stature could not escape the harsh reality of declining magazine sales, which at one point were the bread and butter of her Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc. empire. In the past few years, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia has been struggling to make its award winning magazines profitable again. The company has decided to outsource components of its operation to the magazine giant Meredith Corporation, who happens to own publications that include Better Homes, Eating well, and Fitness magazine. Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia will release control of its circulation, advertising and printing operations to Meredith Corporation as of November 1st 2014. Meredith Corporation benefits from this deal by the ability to add the attractive titles of Martha Stewart Living and Martha Stewart Weddings to its roster of fourteen other titles. This will help them in selling advertising spots when pitching to major lifestyle and family

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