Libertarian View Of Prostitution

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A position will be expressed in support of the view that prostitution in this case study is morally permissible for Lisa. Her position will be discussed using theoretical positions both critiquing and evaluating them. In some instances it can be seen that, in certain circumstances, prostitution can be morally permissible. A number of theoretical positions will be offered in support of this position. Firstly, a Libertarian position will be analysed and applied to the case study. Libertarian contributes most of the argument on this case study as it is found to have a similar opinion to what is to be conveyed in this discussion. Positions from an Egalitarian approach will then be taken in order to support and extend the points and
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It is known that for century’s humans have traded whatever they had for whatever they needed and the one thing a person always has is their own body (Cline, 2014). Although prostitution has existed in many cultures and societies throughout history, it isn’t always acceptable from a moral or legal perspective. In modern day society the act of prostitution is still often seen as controversial with respect to most ethical issues. Prostitution is often construed as “The act or practice of engaging in sexual intercourse for money,” (, 2014) and is usually provided as an underground service. The practice is usually illegal in most places but is a viable source of money for some women, especially in poverty stricken areas. The majority of prostitutes are women, however, some men do become prostitutes but because of the nature of the job it is very rare. Prostitution reinforces many ethical issues regarding the demeaning of one’s body through the offering a sexual services.* Throughout history prostitution, in one way or another, has claimed to be morally unacceptable, even though in some societies they admired for their beauty and the work they…show more content…
For example, women or girls from lower end communities might choose to enter prostitution as a way to make a decent living in short periods of time. Prostitution can sometimes be a last resort for women like Lisa, who have exhausted all areas of employment and in desperation turn to prostitution because of a lack in employment opportunities. Many prostitutes are uneducated and placed in a bad position from an early age, which could leave them no choice but to become prostitutes for money. In that situation, becoming a prostitute could actually be seen as a viable way to escape poverty, such as dealing drugs. In some situations, women have had to resort to prostitution in order to pay off debts to drug dealers. This in turn allows them to keep up their drug habit all while doing the work for free. Although it is illegal, they can offer greater rewards than regular jobs because of the nature of the work and the higher pay. For some of the unluckier of the women in prostitution they have been subjected to a forced relation in that most have been trafficked into the country in order to be sold on. This can mean they will be bought, used and then sold on again. This is enslaving these women and who are often abused, both physically and sexually in the place of “employment”. John Locke argues “that a person who would enslave another person should be regarded

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