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You Need Protein Powder: Here’s Why

Want to push your fitness efforts into the next level? You need to get yourself a new ally: protein powder.

Anyone who’s seen the inside of a gym in this century has heard of protein powder. It’s the supplement of choice and the constant topic in every fitness hotspot, especially amongst serious bodybuilders, weightlifters, and professional athletes.

Seriously, just stand around the free weights area for a couple of minutes. Soon you’ll hear these gym afficionados weighing in on their favorite protein powders and the best way to consume them.

In fact, you can’t walk through a reputable health supplement store without seeing these protein powders lining the shelves — available in various brands and versions.
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Whey protein has lactokine — a bioactive peptide that lowers high blood pressure. Studies have also shown that consuming whey protein can help decrease blood sugar levels. It also contains lactoferrin, which helps with the body’s iron absorption.

According to a 2010 obesity study, regular whey protein consumption also lowered “bad” cholesterol in their overweight subjects. It also helps reduce bone loss in post-menopausal women. Quite a lot to achieve for one supplement, don’t you think? Altogether, taking a protein powder supplement regularly can help address diseases such as hypertension, cardiovascular illnesses, diabetes, and even cancer.

It’s worth noting that a well-balanced diet with good protein-rich sources like beef, chicken, fish, and dairy products can give you the protein your body needs, too. The problem is that striking the right balance can be difficult, and consuming high quality protein through food can be a challenge.

A good supplement like 44 Magnum Protein Powder is the easiest way to consume the high quality protein your body needs. It’s a good way to supplement your usual healthy diet and can be a really beneficial addition whether you are embarking on a more strenuous workout program or trying to recover from
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