Case Study: Puertorico

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Washington is a bustling state filled with many people, and technologically advanced in most areas. Other than the crops in the east side, you could say it’s overloaded with technology. PuertoRico is a small common wealth island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Inhabited of mostly Hispanics, it’ll be compared with Washington upon their technological advancements. Using my family’s responses, a conclusion could be made.

In my lifetime, living in PuertoRico 2002-2010, I was able to experience a lot from it before i left. In my opinion, there wasn’t the best cars, there wasn’t the brightest lightbulb in the island, but every time I stayed around my aunt’s office, the technology was decent. You had the latest Windows
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Originating from Spain and moving to PuertoRico at a young age, she gave me her opinions on PuertoRico’s technology through Skype. “You used to work in Auxilio Mutuo. Living in PuertoRico and traveling to certain parts of the world, what can you say about the medical technology PuertoRico has?” I asked, giving her time to think to respond as she began recalling events and information. She had spoken about her experience and even what she used to do as a nurse. “you do surgeries, transplants, all with advanced technology, mostly robots.” She even explained a machine with electromagnectic power as strong as the earth’s own. Even she had said it was, “Really exaggerated.” Mother to four children, two men and two women, she babysits my little cousin, Diego, son to her daughter, Estephania. Mariloly’s picked him up multiple times whilst his mother too, worked at Auxilio Mutuo. I asked, “Diego’s in elementary school right? Have you ever entered the school before? What do you think has changed the school with technology?” Mariloly kindly responded by giving some details about his school, the got to the real topic. “They don’t use textbooks anymore, just the computers.” Along with taking away the textbooks, it’s all filled with electronics, and most schools have done it too, by the national group named, “Compass Learning”. She explained that during her travels, she thinks PuertoRico isn’t the most advanced, or the richest, but the medical field is highly advanced for the

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