Case Study Puregold-Tayuman

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Puregold – Tayuman also already has its webshopping via its company website, where Tindahan Ni Aling Puring (TNAP) members or the sari-sari store owners can shop and pay online, the company can still improve this by opening this to all its loyalty card holders. Puregold can take this as an advantage as consumers are now more engage in using web and mobile applications. 5-E Growing households in the Philippines Puregold – Tayuman was given a rating of 3. As the household market continue to expand, there is also a greater demand for a wide range of household goods and services. As discussed in the external assessment above, growing number of household and household persons also means that the demand for household items would also be greater. Main household consumption expenditures like the food and non-alcoholic beverages alcoholic beverages; clothing and footwear; and furnishings, household equipment and routine household maintenance are all being carried by Puregold – Tayuman. 6-P TAX Reforms A rating of 3 was given to Puregold – Tayuman. The impending passage of the administration’s TAX reform package poses threat to its customers as the TAX reform would likely to affect the product prices. But Puregold – Tayuman is making a way to capitalize on its good working relationship with its suppliers so the product prices won’t go as high. With this, customers as they feel that their take-home pays are higher, would lead to a higher expenditure as well. THREATS

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