Qualex Inc. Case Study

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Mr. Williams used to work for Qualex Inc. it was the largest wholesale and on-site photographic processing company in the world. It was formed in March 1988 as a joint venture between Eastman Kodak and Fuqua Industries, but became a wholly owned subsidiary of Kodak in 1994. Mr. Williams was downsized from Qualex after 4 years of working at Qualex. Mr. Williams duties were in the outbound production that dealt with the films. Qualex receive the camera and went thru the whole process of creating pictures. Mr. Williams duties were to open the camera, remove the film, and make the pictures, and send it back to the store where it came from. Qualex Inc. was a profit company. In the business to make as much money as they can. Mr. Williams is 42.…show more content…
Kodak could save the money by shutting down the plant. Furthermore Kodak felt that by downsizing Qualex workers and condensing. Kodak could improve their production by combining Qualex workers and Kodak workers in its southwest region. While still pleasing their shareholders, and making more money for the shareholders. Another reason Mr. Williams told me during the interview, was that Kodak was also trying to save money, and make money. One-hour photo finishing at retail stores is another reason the company made the decision to close the Qualex Houston photo processing lab. The one hour photo finishing is much cheaper than paying workers to process the photo. Times were changing and the company was changing with the time. There was no demand for processing the photos. More demand for a person to personally to go to the store, and wait an hour and have the photos done right in the store, instead of waiting…show more content…
Williams was the Manager of the Qualex plant things would have been handled way different. First thing would have been for Qualex to look at the employees as humans not as people filling the plant. Qualex management thought too much of the shareholders, instead of thinking about their employees. Because the employees are putting out the product and making the money for the shareholders. More encouragement of unity instead of division among employees work together to achieve the company goal. The supervisors were lacking communication with each other. One supervisor left for the day, but did not tell the

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