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Analysis: Quality Movers, a moving company, is a family business run by Randy, his father Frank, and their two wives who are responsible for working in the office. Paku is an American of Indonesian ancestry who has a background in mixed martial arts fighting which may give indication that he is strong. Paku wants to work for quality movers as a mover, but upon applying, he is told that he is too short. Paku is only 5’4” while all employees who work as movers may be no shorter than 5’7”. There are 6 other movers in which the company employs. Based on the information provided, I’m going to assume that Quality Movers is a small business which employs at least 15 employees, 6 of which are movers. The information does not entail whether there are other job titles and employees, but I assume there are. With that assumption, Quality will be subject to the federal EEO laws. Paku may be able to file a suit for discrimination under Title VII. Hardman-Alexander (2014) study found the following: Title VII prohibits discrimination in hiring, firing, training,…show more content…
In particular Quality needs training on anti-discrimination policies. They need to implement those policies and carefully consider their hiring qualifications which may be considered prejudice and biased against a certain class of people. Also, Quality may offer a physical exam which allows the applicants to perform job-related duties which would give each applicant a fair chance at proving their worth. Those results may then be incorporated with the conventional job requirements and qualifications in order to minimize height inequity. All in all the company should rid themselves of the height requirement as it has no relation to a person’s ability, and instead allow themselves to be an inclusive

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