Case Study: Quatro Sleep Mattress

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Product 1: Quatro Sleep Mattress The Quatro Sleep Mattress is a firm mattress. The support available in this mattress is perfect for relieving chronic back pain and other aches and pains a sleeper may experience in daily life. The Quatro has three levels of foam in its design, where other competing brands only use two levels of foam. This can have a huge impact on the comfort and support a mattress supplies. The Quatro is comfortable for back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers alike. There is no sleeping position that is not properly supported on this mattress. The mattress does have cooling functions so the user does not grow too hot during the night. This mattress can be used both with…show more content…
The company will send items to customize the mattress if there are any concerns with it. They have very reliable customer service. When it is first used, this mattress can be firmer than expected. This can cause more pain in the back than expected when first used. The mattress is durable and can support heavier people without any degradation to the quality. This mattress has a zipper removable cover system to swap various layers in and out. This gives the ability to adjust the firmness of the mattress on demand, as well as being able to be done regularly. The mattress still breathes well through any removable…show more content…
They come in a wide variety of thicknesses- 6 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches. The memory foam is designed to make sure that there are no pain causing pressure points. The design is also created to allow maximum air flow throughout the foam. The foam is initially firm. This is normal, as when memory foam is exposed to room temperature air, it is supposed to maintain shape. The foam reacts to the body heat of the user, and molds to support the sleeper as best as possible. This is the shape that is “remembered” by the mattress after the user leaves, since room temperature air firms the mattress. This keeps the shape intact. The design also means that if two people share one mattress, they should not feel one another tossing and turning. This can be incredibly important if the restless sleeping of one person keeps the other one awake. The manufacturer offers a ten-year warranty on all of their products. Since it is recommended to purchase a new mattress every eight years, this warranty should cover the lifetime of the mattress. Product 5: Zinus Memory Foam

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