Case Study: Raytheon Discrimination Against Women

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Raytheon Discriminating against women
When I think of Tamara Windt I think of hard working. She works 9 hours a day, and is a single mother of 2. She has been discriminated against her whole life, she is in hope that one day she and jewish woman around the world will have a more equal work place. Ms. Windt is a 38 year old finance manager for Raytheon, she feels that working at Raytheon has made her feel that her job belongs to a man and makes her second guess herself. A lot of times men will get chosen for a job that she believes she would be a better fit for. “Time after time after time a man gets placed in the position I am interviewing for, and I can’t help but think it’s because they are men, even tho I felt like I was the most qualified
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Causes like these, or organizations that support and protect animals in need, are located in about every major community all over the U.S.A. ASPCA helps to protect and assist animals in need to reform laws and create laws for the animals. “ Just about every major community in the United States has an organization to assist animals.” Stephen Zawistowski, a PhD, CAAB for ASPCA. ASPCA and many other organizations had made a large difference in how many humans around the world look at and treat animals. The ASPCA works to protect animal welfare and to make a country of humane…show more content…
The problem is, I really think it is important that I walk, for personal principles. What do I do, follow my own principles or follow my parents. - I want to walk

Great question! I am not your parents so I don’t know what they are thinking, I am sure they just want what is best for you and the family. I can not give you a specific answer, but I do think you should talk to your parents, tell them how you feel and explain why you want to walk. I am sure they will understand and take it into consideration. Now, don’t expect an answer right away, don’t pester them let them think. Show them you can be responsible. When you have this conversation don’t have them just listen to what you want, listen to their side. Everyone is different, I am sure you would be okay walking, but driving on the bus is much safer. I also suggest talking to your pastor, close friend, or relative on their opinion. Good Luck, I hope you guys can come to an agreement on a good solution.
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