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Rebecca is an 18 year old woman who lives at home with her parents in Chicopee, MA. Rebecca has a primary disability of Autism with impairments in communication, slow processing, reading, writing, grammar, spelling and math; which impacts her memory, organization, reading comprehension, written expression, math and interpersonal relationships.
Rebecca has shoulder and feet trouble and receives physical therapy for her condition.
Rebecca is a recent graduate of Chicopee Comprehensive High School and will be attending HCC this fall with a vocational goal of receiving a degree in Culinary Arts.
Additional documentation provided and was reviewed: 7/14/2016 IEP and Transition Planning Form.
Functional Status:
Rebeca has weak memory skills and requires substantial repetition to retain information. Her functional limitation impacts all area of academics; below
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The ATS did not show Rebecca the Kurzweil program knowing the program would be too complicated for her to navigate. The ATS showed Rebecca the Read and Write program. Rebecca enjoyed having the computer read for her as it highlighted each word. The ATS showed Rebecca how the program has instructional videos. These videos can provide her with the instruction she needs for a specific function of the program. Having the ability to watch the videos and apply what she had just learned give Rebecca the multi-sensory learning that she needs. Also, having the videos readily available to her; she can watch the videos as many times as she needs providing her with the repetition which is conducive to her learning style. The Kurzweil program does not have this capability. The ATS is recommending Rebecca is provided with the Read Write Gold program provided by Holyoke Community College. Rebecca will need an All in One Printer so she can scan material into the computer when a digital format is not

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