Case Study: Reliv International

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Reliv International or simply Reliv is a dietary supplement and skin care company that uses multi-level marketing for distribution. Based in Chesterfield Missouri Reliv is home to a multi national distributors in over 16 countries. Reliv was founded in 1988, by Robert and Sandy Montgomery. The Montgomery 's licensed a nutritional formula developed by Dr Theodore Kalogris in the early 1980 's teh formula was known as Reliv Classic, and it was the first Reliv product ever devised and created. In the next two decades company 's sales and distribution would encircle the globe, In 1993 Reliv became an american traded company on the New York Stock Exchange, Three years later it moved to NASDAQ under the ticket symbol RELIV. Today it has overreached itself rating number 3 in the 100 top international companies from international businesses magazine. I Steven Hilliard noticed that there wasn 't harly anything in the way of an east coast sector of operations and mangment, so along with four (4) of the most sought out and foremost pioneers of business; we set foot alomg the New England states and along the coast line as well in hopes that people whom suffer from delibertating illnesses and bodily malfunctions can reap the same rewards and successes it has endowed us with. The company 's management includes the following individuals: Steven Montgomery, General Manager Steven Montgomery is a direct decendant of the founders of Reliv International Robert L. and Sandy Montgomery. He was

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