Case Study Research Methodology

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The case study research methodology has been selected to conduct the inquiry into this phenomenon. The case study approach was advanced by noted American University scholar-in-residence Robert K. Yin; he is renowned for his work in this area. Yin (2009) explains that this empirical inquiry facilitates exploration of a contemporary phenomenon in depth within its real-life context using a variety of data sources. He instructs that this research design should be considered when: (a) the focus of the study is to answer “how” and “why” questions; (b) you cannot manipulate the behavior of those involved in the study; (c) you want to cover contextual conditions because you believe they are relevant to the phenomenon under study; or (d) the boundaries…show more content…
For this reason, examining the relationship between learning outcomes and learning theory benefits tremendously from use of the case study approach. It is the purpose of this research to show that the use of improved approaches to learning will produce more desirable learning outcomes. It should also help clarify the unclear boundaries between the occurrence and the context of this phenomenon.
This case study’s subject of analysis will be two information technology classes composed of a combination of second year and third year students; both classes have six students, the same six students. The study takes place during the fall semester of the 2016 school year, beginning the first week of August and ending in late November. The semester will be divided into two halves, each of which is eight (8) weeks in duration; the first half begins in August and ends when the mid-term exam is administered. The second half begins immediately after the mid-term exam and ends with the taking of the final
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Classes are conducted in an “instructor-centric” fashion, that is with very little dialogue and interaction from the students. They are to fulfill the role of passive recipients. Lectures, PowerPoint presentations and assignments will be derived from the assigned text to convey subject specific facts, definitions and theoretical concepts; this first segment culminates with the mid-term exam. The learners are also be given a follow-up or interim assessment at this time. This assessment is done to determine the degree to which learning outcomes have been achieved thus far. This will also establish a second baseline, one that will be used with the change to a new instruction delivery

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